Occupied Projects

These two luxury office buildings, the crown jewel of the Rehovot Science Park in northern Rehovot, contain a total area of 16,000 square meters and are available for sale or for rent. The buildings have been fully occupied on a regular basis since their construction in the 1990s, and attract high-end clientele, including high-tech companies and banks.

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Projects in Progress

Several new and exclusive Rubin Group projects are now underway right in the heart of Tel Aviv.

The Rubin Group specializes in the construction of apartments with two to five rooms, garden apartments and luxury penthouses, for sale or rent. The company also offers commercial and office buildings for rent or sale.

We believe in meeting exceptionally high building standards, as can be seen in both the interiors and the public spaces of our projects. We emphasize strict quality control and supervision throughout the construction process.

We work with the best architects, engineers and consultants in their fields.

Our completed projects incorporate green building elements and eco-friendly construction, and we place the highest importance on the safety of the site and workers. These are only some of the standards to which the group is committed.

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International and Income-Yielding Real Estate

The Rubin Group invests in income-yielding real estate projects in Europe, and collaborates on income- yielding property initiatives.

These assets constitute a significant portion of the company’s financial capital.

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Why Us

Our executive and professional team enjoys vast and diverse knowledge acquired from its members’ work on hundreds of residential and commercial projects worldwide.

Since its inception, the group has gained the trust of professional real estate entities in Israel and abroad.

As part of its commitment to the highest quality, the group collaborates with only the best architects, engineers and consultants in their fields.

Our aspiration to excellence can also be seen in our commitment to environmental responsibility and to integrating green elements in construction, as well as our dedication to wide-ranging community involvement.

Rubin Group has gained the trust of Israel’s leading financial institutions due to its excellent conduct.

The group currently owns income-yielding properties in Israel and worldwide which generate steady profits.

The group also collaborates with leading real estate investors and companies.

Our company, Genesis Seeds, cultivates and manufactures organic vegetable, herb and flower seeds.

The entire cultivation and manufacturing process takes place in Israel, in Ashelim in the Negev.

Our offices are located in the Rehovot Science Park, at 10 Menachem Plaut Street. We have been renting our Rehovot offices from Rubin Group since 1998.

Keren Levi
Office Manager

We believe architecture has the power to create change and encourage a sense of community.

The projects we plan are born of an environmental, sustainable perspective, and we are proud to be pioneers in this field.

Lothan Architects

LogicBio Therapeutics is an international company specializing in developing innovative medical treatments for genetic diseases. Our main offices are located in Cambridge, Boston, and our R&D facilities are in Rehovot, Israel.

Our R&D facilities are located at 10 Menachem Plaut Street, Rehovot, in a building owned by the Rubin Group. We have enjoyed the support of the owners at each step of the way, from creating and adapting the space for company needs, to respecting and abiding by our tight schedule, and always with the utmost respect and consideration.

We look forward to our continued successful collaboration.

Dr. Yael Hayon
Site Manager

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