About the Rubin Group

Founded in 1981, the Rubin Group specializes in initiating, executing and marketing residential and commercial real estate projects. Our activities include: purchasing land; initiating residential projects and rental projects according to the Law for the Encouragement of Capital Investments; combination transactions; building restorations; income-yielding real estate projects; and TAMA 38 and Relocation-and-Construction projects. Over the past four decades, we have carried out countless projects in Israel, Germany and Poland.

Our Team

Uri Rubin: CEO

Mr. Rubin has been leading the group for over 35 years. Uri has acquired vast experience in construction and entrepreneurship, and acts in public executive roles, including Chairman of the Israel Builders Association Work Committee and Chairman of the Manufacturers Association of Israel Work Committee.

Gilad Moran: Chairman

Orly Altshuler: Vice President and Real Estate Appraiser

Rotem Moran: Sales and Projects

Baruch Rabinov, accountant: Financial Officer

Yaron Gever, advocate: Legal Advisor

Areas Of Activity

Many buildings in Israel and particularly in Tel Aviv, the epicenter of Rubin Group’s activities, have been designated for preservation as part of Tel Aviv’s UNESCO-declared White City World Heritage Site. The plans to restore these buildings respect the importance of their historic value while at the same time integrating the structures into the developing urban planning.

With its vast experience in initiating projects in buildings designated for preservation, the Rubin Group is highly familiar with the complexity of planning, initiating and executing projects in such buildings, whether the restoration is minimal or major.

Old and new, preservation and renewal, are Rubin Group’s guiding values in all restoration projects, as it works step-by-step to renew the urban sphere while preserving historic architectural values.

Urban renewal in Israel is primarily known for TAMA 38, intended to strengthen and upgrade older apartment buildings and relocation-and-construction projects. With TAMA 38, old buildings undergo massive reinforcement and renovation, and with relocation-and-construction projects, residents are moved out of old buildings which are then demolished completely and replaced by new residential projects.

In most cases, the old apartments are inhabited by renters or owners who vacate their apartments for the duration of the construction, after which they can return to their new, better, reinforced apartments.

Our experience with projects of this kind has taught us that tenants frequently become real partners in the construction process. We understand their discomfort and the importance of personal relationships. We do our best to involve tenants in the process, protect their rights and provide guarantees and securities, including rent return. These are the foundations for excellent communication and a successful project.

Currently, the Rubin Group is working on a new project under the rubric of the Law for the Encouragement of Capital Investments. A residential building with an old commercial floor has been demolished, and will replaced with a beautiful new building in which most of the space will be rented out and only some of the apartments and commercial areas will be offered for sale.

The Rubin Group is an experienced entrepreneurial group with vast professional knowledge. We operate in the field of urban renewal, building relocation-and-construction and new TAMA 38 projects, with the help of the finest planners, advisors and architects in the sector, who help us turn dreams into reality.

In order to optimize a shared real estate property, Rubin Group collaborates with land owners on a variety of projects, including combination transactions in which the Rubin Group funds and builds the project, and then allocates the apartments between the land owner and the Group according to a predetermined allocation distribution.

Combination transactions involve complex taxation, betterment taxes, and construction and development fees. Project timetables and the securities provided to the land owner are only some of the crucial issues that must be taken into consideration, as land owners will enjoy profits only after the project is completed.

The Rubin Group is known for its reliability, professional knowledge and decades of experience with such agreements, as well as in many others, including combination transactions for consideration, construction service agreements, and countless others. To ensure success and prevent failure, land owners must sign a contract that protects their rights and maximizes land rights. This results in a transaction that benefits both parties, and guarantees the timely and quality completion of a successful real estate project.

Uri Rubin is the Chairman of the Manufacturers Association of the Israel Work Committee and the host of the International Labor Organization delegation.

The Team

Uri Rubin

Owner and CEO


Gilad Moran



Yaron Gever, Advocate

Legal Counsel


Orly Altshuler

Vice President and Real Estate Appraiser


Rotem Moran

Project Manager


Baruch Rabinov, Accountant

Financial Officer


Tuli Cohen

Office Manager


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